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Guglielmi Coratina – 500 ml Andria, Terre de Bari, Italie

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Monocultivar Coratina is made of the most popular olive variety in Italy. Its high concentration in polyphenols itches in aftertaste. This EVOO is made for those who love flavorful oils with a great balance between spice and bitterness that recalls to freshly cut grass.

It is a good addition to grilled meats, pizzas and vegetable soups.


Since 1954 Guglielmi family takes care of its olive trees and produce extra virgin olive oil from its own olives. The tradition continues but adapting to technological change. Olio Guglielmi is an ever new story and a true family story.

Olive varieties

Monovarietal: Coratina


500 ml

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