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2.345 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of ancestral olive varieties 500ML

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An oil with a lot of personality!
As olives are harvested in October, this early bird olive oil made is quite exceptional. It is a special blend of 4 different olive ancestral varieties from the highest crops (550 meters)., It results give for a robust olive oil, very complex with plenty of vegetables notes that you can smell once you open the bottle.
It is sublime at mouth at tasting. Many aromas and flavors can be found with powerful veggie notes (herb, aromatic plants, tropical fruits, vegetables…)
A truly gand cru!


Ideal for salads, bread, vegetables (raw or cooked) and cheese.
Limited edition to 1.196 units. Each bottle is numbered.

Why 2.345? Because there are 2.345 olives in each bottle.

verdal, rojal, maçanenc


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