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Olive & Olives 1620- Organic 500 ml Estepa, Séville, Spain

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Cru elaborated to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our brand, 16.20 is distinguished by its fruity green, with rich aromas of freshly cut grass and green tomato, its taste will gradually bring you to a spicy and very slightly bitter finish that will satisfy palates from the most novice to the most expert.

Our producer has once again made a fantastic vintage oil with an exquisite taste, obtained thanks to his best olives "Hojiblanca". A thorough selection and a harvest by hand and early to guarantee you the best of olive oil.
It will sublimate wonderfully your salads, cold soups, your fish or your pasta. Simply add a little fleur de sel and a drizzle of lemon to dress it delicately...




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Olive & Olives

works directly with producers who create truly authentic and exceptional extra virgin olive oils of the finest quality.

Olive & Olives

Free delivery on all
orders of $90 or more.

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Olive & Olives