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O&O Duo – White Condiment & 3 Ori Modena, Italy

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Add versatility to your vinaigrettes with our brand new balsamic duo!

These two balsamics complement each other perfectly depending on your mood.

The classic and timeless version of the 3 Ori, Pleasantly sweet and slightly sour, with flavours of Trebbiano cooked grape must. Dark with bright yellow rays and a medium density

The extravagance of the White Condiment, produced with white grape must, it has a typical yellow-gold colour.
Very much appreciated because it does not alter the colour of food and adds a fruity and mildly acid flavour to enhance a dish or salad.


Olive & Olives - White Condiment - 250ml
Olive & Olives - 3 Ori - 250ml

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Olive & Olives

Free delivery on all
orders of $90 or more.

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