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Ol-eve – Organic 500 ml Sigri, Lesvos Island, Greece

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Ol-eve is produced and bottled at the Falcon estate on the island of Lesvos. This family business is dedicated to olive oil as well as several other products from its local terroir. This organic oil is produced with the Koroneiki variety of olives. Its nose is fresh, fruity and intense. Like the Greeks you will appreciate it in your everyday cuisine and especially with fish and salads.
Greece is full of sun and good food!


Our family grows 40,000 olive trees including twelve Greek varieties and others, Our olive grove is young and our oldest olive trees are only fifteen years old. We are dedicated to the cultivation of trees in order to revive this bare territory of nature. Where there was a deserted area, there is now an oasis, a habitat for thousands of birds and animals contributing to the biodiversity and sustainability of the island. We take care of each tree, enriching the soil with our own compost, from local algae, manure and pruning. Everything we do, from the tree to the table, is done with the highest standards and great passion. Our mill and our facilities are based on the latest technology which allows us to guarantee you exceptional quality!




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