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Purgatori – Familia Torres 'Els Desterrasts' Estate, Les Garrigues, Catalonia, Spain

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Create theblend for Pugatori is very elaborate and will vary from year to year. As this is an experimental cultivation where we find ancestral varieties and other more common ones, the harvest is done during the veraison period when the fruits have a concentration of aromas and polyphenols. The varieties Becarut, Picudo, Rojal, Farga, Arbreblanque and also Arbequina are harvested manually.

Green and intense fruity: green tomatoes, grass. green apple and mint,
Spiciness and bitterness are very present.


In the 18th century, monks produced very high quality olive oil and wine on the ancestral lands of Montserrat Abbey. One day barrels and urns of oil mysteriously disappeared. According to legend, it was the angels who brought this precious booty back to heaven. Purgatori comes from the same lands now dedicated to experimental cultivation.

Olive varieties

Picudo, Rojal, Farga et Arbequina


500 ml

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