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Lamb Chops Marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Lamb Chops Marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil



  1. 1. Slice fennel and sauté in a pan.

  2. 2. Combine sautéed fennel, 2 pinches of anis seed and some fresh garlic in a marinating bowl.

  3. 3. Add diced tomatoes, and salt and pepper.

  4. 4. Cover with extra virgin olive oil and add lamb chops.

  5. 5. Marinate at room temperature for an hour.

  6. 6. Remove the chops from marinade and sauté with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil until rare.

  7. 7. Drain fennel and tomatoes and sauté again in a pan. Serve with lamb.

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