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Olive & Olives’ is a one-of-a-kind boutique with a chic design that was created to eliminate direct light on the oil bottles and to keep the place spacious for better browsing. Countries from which oil is imported include Spain (the most popular), Italy, Greece, Australia, Turkey and Chile.

You will also find different varieties of olives packed with hot peppers, fine herbs or garlic. Other items for sale include olive oil chips, olive paste, aromatized olive oil, vinegars, olive oil pourers and carafes.


August 28th, 2013

Olive Oils, Tapenades and Olives, Oh My!!!

Source: localmagazine.ca

March 7th 2013

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Source: Canadian Living

15 février 2013

Pour tout savoir sur l'huile d'olive

February 15th 2013

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Olive Oil

Source: Nathalie Richard – Art de vivre

15 janvier 2013

Des citrouilles en hiver!

Source: Bouchées Doubles


23 novembre 2012

Produit: L'huile espagnole Hojiblanca

Source: Cité Boomers | Un style de vie

October 30th 2012

Olive & Olives, an extra virgin olive oil boutique

Source: Foods From Spain

November 13th 2012

Adopt An Olive Tree

Source: Countlan Magazine Issue 2

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