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Preserved Lemons in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


WAITING: 15 days for 2 jars of 250 ml
6 large lemons
⅓ cup coarse sea salt
Extra virgin olive oil (not too fruity)


Choose very fresh lemons, thick-skinned and very fragrant. Wash by brushing, pat dry and cut into 6 wedges. Put them in a bowl and sprinkle with coarse salt. Marinate 24 hours.

Next, rinse the lemon wedges and drain them in a stainless steel colander. Pat dry and place in jars upright. Cover with extra virgin olive oil and close the jars. Set aside in the refrigerator or in a cool place. Let stand for 15 days before starting to use them. They can be stored for several months.

Each time a wedge is removed from the jar, lightly crush the lemons so they are always covered with extra virgin olive oil. Add more extra virgin olive oil if needed. Lemons can be used as a condiment in various vegetables or fish dishes. The extra virgin olive oil can be used to season green salads, pasta, rice or fish.

Recipe is from Elle Québec

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