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Green Pea Purée with Chorizo


½ cube of beef bouillon
300 g small green peas, fresh or frozen
75 g chorizo
1 piece of stale bread (day old)
20 g serrano ham
2 tsp. pine nuts, grilled
100 ml crème fraîche


In a pot, dissolve a cube of bouillon in 300 ml of hot water. When the water reached a boil, add the small green peas and let them cook for 4 minutes.

Cut the chorizo and bread into small cubes. Sauté chorizo in a hot pan stirring constantly. Once the oil has rendered, add the bread. Cook for 2 minutes until bread and chorizo are crispy.

Drain peas, saving some liquid for cooking. In a food processor, place peas with serrano ham, pines nuts and approximately 4 tablespoons of reserved cooking liquid. Mix to get a nice purée. Add a small amount of cooking liquid if it seems too thick. Salt and pepper to taste.

Pour the purée into small glasses. Add a spoon of crème fraîche to each portion and decorate with fried croutons and diced chorizo. Serve immediately.

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